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Maybe they know something I don't

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by , 02-13-2010 at 06:58 PM (508 Views)
I finally got someone to drive me to the salle. My wife arranged her schedule to drive me and she had to handle the twins (31/2 year old twin boys) for the afternoon.

She dropped me off and we got my chair strapped into the frame. I sat there for an hour doing some drills on my own. I forgot it is JOs and a long weekend. Not one person to fence.

The head coach/owner is in Memphis and the lone coach had to teach the classes. Finally, after 90 minutes I just started to change, my wife shows up to get me and three guys show up and ask me to fence. Although having my chair strapped in helped me focus on what to do, the only sweat I broke was fumbling with the ratchet to strap my chair in.

This was the second time since my stroke in October that I was actually going to bout. I did my 100 lunges and that was about it. I am so depressed I just want to give up in general. All I can do is apologize to Mrs. GB for having to schlep me to the club and having to watch the twins by herself. They have gotten very independent lately and can be a handful, She has been working such long hours she is tired. Why am I fighting?
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