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by , 02-04-2010 at 01:11 PM (436 Views)
If my ranting gets to you just tell me to rub some dirt on it and walk it off, or roll it off as the case may be.

I just finished my 100 lunges for the day and I am so slow. Nowhere is the explosive start as before. While I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself I thought about a few things. There are two thing driving me right now, envy and feeling sorry for myself. I never realized the friends I had until I became sick.

I am angry at my condition and take it out on them. I never got to the big house my friends grew up in. (ours was plenty big) And now I am envious of Scott and others like you a coach I will have at the camp in PHX who have competed at the olympic level. I would love to make the Paralympic team in 2012. But I need to be able to fence to do that.

I realize others have not done what I have, basketball, working in 13 countries, etc and they wish they could have done the things I have.

Now I feel like this tremendous roadblock has been placed in front of me. Others are right, it should about giving back and that is why I want to be chosen for that ABA commission and fundraise for US Wheelchair fencing. I just had to get this out..
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