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  1. One thing that hasn't changed.

    How expensive this sport is. I guess I was hoping that this sport would be cheaper now lol.

    I need a

    new LP lame

    2 new vniti blades

    fencing bag.

    Arrgh, oh well. Gotta save!!
  2. I forgot about this place for awhile.

    I forgot how much FUN fencing was to WATCH. I don't know that fencing will ever be fun enough here locally to participate in again, apart from the occasional local bout or two. There was never enough foil here to really make it worth my while.

    I recall how slow women's foil always seemed to me. A slow war of attrition and boredom.

    Not so today. Kept me up all night and I had fun.

    I suspect that means my eyes have gotten very slow.

    I ...
  3. So winters here

    I started blacksmithing recently. Got some cool stuff in the works. Unfortunately the weight thing got away from me during the summer. Back up to 205ish.

    Oh well, what I really need is some REASON to get in shape. Martial arts just doesnt hold the same lustre for me it once did. I've done it all. My concept of self defense is just suplexing someone. So why bother with training? When you get to my level.. the only people I have to worry about are either people with guns or other martial ...
  4. Today is the Feast of St. Crispin.

    Here is a blog post that I posted elsewhere. Thought I'd post it here.
    Today Oct 25th, is the Feast of St. Crispin. Sadly, Vatican 2 decided there was not enough evidence for their existence and so they were removed from their calendar. Nevertheless, it is the most famous of unknown feast days, and should be a great deal more famous due to the battles that have taken place in history. We should never forget our veterans and they heroic inspiration they provide us. St Crispin and Crispinian ...
  5. Maintaining at 200 for the time being

    The problem with atkins dieting is that it is much more expensive than crappy food. I am currently at 197 in the mornings and 201 during the day.

    I think for now I'm just going to have to maintain that until after allergy season. I can hardly breathe as it is and my sinuses are killing me. As long as I stay reasonably healthy and don't gain weight I can live with that.

    I think in May I will restart another induction phase to lose the remaining weight.
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