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Reasons I referee

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by , 03-23-2009 at 12:53 AM (265 Views)
I've been doing alot of thinking recently, considering how much driving I've been doing. Have lots of time alone in a car, gotta think about somethin.

So I was thinking about refereeing, and why I do it. Its funny, the reasons I started reffing are very different from the reasons I do it now.

For the life of me, I can't exactly remember why I attended my first reffing seminar. The ideas of money sounded good (being able to make over $100 in a day for a kid with no work experience). Someone said I can't complain about bad refs unless I try to help the problem myself. And really, it just sounded like a fun adventure with my friend to go down to Philly for a day...

Reasons I started reffing:
1) Money. I needed money, bad.
2) It was NOT a jo job. It wasn't an easy anybody can do it kinda job. It was hard, and I liked that.
3) It kept me involved in the sport when I went to college before I got my college team off the ground.

Reasons I referee now:
1) Its relaxing. Thats the number 1 reason. I find it EXTREMELY relaxing to go referee. Its very zen. Just watch fencing, and focus on it, and tell everyone what you saw. Can't think about anything else than whats going on right in front of you. Its a fun escape from the real world.
2) The people. I really like alot of the people in the fencing world. Fencers, other refs, coaches. Alot of great people there. If me and a friend from NJ ref a NAC in october, its lets me hang out with my NJ friends while I'm away at college
3) It lets me travel, for free!!! I get to see alot of random cities that I otherwise wouldn't get the chance to see.
4) I like to watch fencing. Reffing it gives me a good view. Unless I'm reffing epee.
5) Money. I do still like the money of it. It doesn't pay great, but it pays (unless its summer nationals...) And its something I can do more of if need be and I need money quick.

Notice, the "giving back to fencing" thing never shows up on here. While that is nice, I don't ref to give back to the sport. I would be lying if I said I did. I ref cuz I like it.

Its funny, thinking back to the day I went to that first ref seminar. I remember a huge amount about that day, and almost nothing of what the instructor said. A few key words, that still stick with me, but not too much of it. I've gotten way more out of short 1 on 1 conversation with great refs than I have out of any seminar I've taken. (I've now been to 3 seminars, all by different instructors.)

That day was actually probably the most influential day of my past in regards to influence on my life right now. That day was one of the first adventures I went on with a guy who's now one of my best friends. And I met a girl who's been a big part of my life ever since then. And obviously, refereeing has been a big part of my life over the past 3 years.

Ha, never would have thunk it...
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