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Jumps, jumping, and jumpers

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by , 03-16-2009 at 04:44 PM (261 Views)
Thinking about using jumps* in footwork. I have been taught how to do this many times, from different coaches. But I've never really been taught WHY to jump. Sure, it changes the tempo of the footwork, and mixes it up, but what is the real purpose of it? No one has ever told me this.

Thinking about it, I like the idea of introducing jumps in long sets of footwork because it forces the student to to be balenced, and with a very small amount of time between their front foot, and their back foot hitting on the advance. If a fencer is charging down the strip in that oh so famous "ga-lump, ga-lump, ga-lump" kinda style, they CAN'T effectively make a jump. You can only do a decent jump if you're making good advances.

This presents a decent coaching reason for using them, although I'm still unsure as to the exact reason for using it in a bout. The sound of it might make your opponent react differently, similarly to an appel, but I don't think thats it. I feel like I'm missing something...

*Of course refering to the first half of a Balestra. Man does it bug me when I hear coaches talk about Balestra lunging... what is that, a jump lunge redouble?
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