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  1. The drugs wore off

    Feeling miserable now. Can not put weight on the knee. Had bleeding after putting weight on it to change shorts after being drenched. Remembered too late some pre op advice.

    Both looking forward to mon appt and dreading it. Wonder how much damage I did by standing one legged while changing out of shorts.

    Husband is home from Chicago and rather blind sided by my surgery. He is taking me to the post op apt but the daughter is taking me home after the apt. ...
  2. Cherry Blossom

    Decent turnout. Dropped two bouts in the pool. Seeded eighth. Fenced Tsiatas (9th seed), Martinka (1st), Manel (4th), Sirico (2nd). Yelled a lot. Won. Re-earned B, so still can't fence Div II. More later.

    Later: I looked at the preregistration earlier this week, and it occurred to me that IF everyone showed up and IF the right people made it into the eight, I could renew my B, because the stronger fencers are all people that IF I am fencing well, I can beat. Losing in the semi ...

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