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  1. Not knowing when to stop

    I motored down to the Baltimore Fencing Center for the Choco Therapy Open, as planned, and got there with plenty of time to spare. I warmed up with Brooke Sirico from DCFC, who is a nice fencer, and felt that even if that was the only bout I got with a woman it was worth it.

    The foil event was still in pools, though, and they finished up the pools and much of the DE's before they started the sabre. Jamie Met was there to referee, and he's a solid sabre ref, but that was it, and we ...

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  2. Parry weapon

    Decided to build a parry weapon for a couple of reasons:
    - Need an off-hand parry weapon for two-handed SCA-type
    - Some students just aren't getting that the forte and guard are adequate for defense.

    So I built this from a broken saber.

    Trimmed the blade way down. Drilled a rubber stopper, painted it red and glued it on.
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  3. Another shiny medal

    I took a 1st place medal at the epee event I went to today. Weren't enough folks for a rating bump but its always nice to get a gold.

    I got the Learning to Fence Epee video.

    Not bad for showing technical moves. Some parts of it were interesting. For example on the part on using the french grip epee the video said you should never ever hold it in the manner used to pommel.

    I've been having fun pommelling lately with the french grip so I found that ...