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  1. E/under epee 8/30

    by , Yesterday at 11:11 PM
    Sometimes you donít get any breaks. Fenced an E and under tournament at Maryland Saturday. Looked very promising as a chance to get some competition right around my level instead of at slower-speed in practice. I think my fencing was better than last time out, but the results were frustrating.

    There were 7 kids in the tournament (out of 21 total). None of them got put in my pool. Instead I got the eventual second and third place finishers, an adult who finished as first seed ...
    Tags: vets
  2. Finances and Fencing

    by , Yesterday at 07:36 AM
    Since I am not a "trust fund baby" and have not yet won the lottery, I will be missing the opening ceremonies in Hungary and the womens sabre team event. The likelihood that I would be the top finishing USA WSV60 member is low and the distance to the BUD airport is high.

    I love fencing. I love discovering I'm an "athlete" even if I did come to it rather late in life and through an unorthodox route. I especially love that I have a husband who delights that I'm happy in my sport ...
  3. Should be an interesting year

    by , Yesterday at 12:43 AM
    last season was pretty rough for me financially, work slowed down and we ended up losing our bonuses, then our overtime which put me at living paycheck to paycheck and barely able to do anything fencing wise then I got laid off in June.

    I spent the last few months applying to a lot of different jobs without success. Kind of a bummer but I know the economy is down right now.

    Since I worked in the mortgage industry a lot and I'm a notary because it helped out when ...
  4. Parallelized Fencing

    by , 08-30-2014 at 11:37 PM
    Went to the CFA Back to School Brawl last weekend, because they were giving away sharp things as prizes. Fun stuff. Went for epee, signed up for sabre halfway through because I was having such a good time.

    Pools went well - nothing special, and I wasn't fencing particularly well, but it was a C and under, so not particularly strong competition. No lefties, either. Lost to Papadopoulos senior, because I didn't bother watching him so I wasn't expecting him to charge a lot and couldn't ...
  5. 2014-08-29 Notes from Gary Copeland Clinic

    by , 08-29-2014 at 05:05 PM
    Attended a coaching clinic at DVFC with Gary Copeland. Nicest guy and open for any question on any topic. His responses were more entertaining than the answers. I would happily take lessons from him again. Allen and his wife Jill were assisting and correcting the coaches - I needed help in slowing down my tempo and giving the correct cues to the student.

    Gary's lesson on Saturday and the first half of Sunday was on the German (Beck) system for Epee and Foil. I've heard of the Beck ...
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