Super Sports Foods: Do They Really Need to be Exotic?

Jim Clark -

Do you ever get tired of reading yet-another headline about The 10 Best Super Sports Foods, only be instructed to buy exotic fruits, ancient grains, and other unusual items? Do we really need chia, spelt, and quinoa? Is anything wrong with old-fashioned peanut butter, broccoli and brown rice? Doubtful! Powerful nutrients are found in standard foods […]

Only 1 in 4 Teens are Active Enough

Getting kids active at a fencing demonstration.

A new study published shows that only 25% of adolescents aged 12-15 get 60 minutes per day of physical activity. Reasons for such a low activity rate are attributed to increased stresses in social life and academics coupled with increased sports specialization – kids who have been playing a sport don’t make their school or […]

Core Strength – Popular Misconceptions

The transversus abdominis

“The core” Nowadays, “strengthening the core” has become a very popular concept among various populations ranging from elite athletes to chronic pain patients. the concept at heart is a good one-the idea that having a stable base to operate from makes one a more efficient mover. However, there are quite a few popular misconceptions present, […]

Injured Athletes: Nutrition Tips to Hasten Healing

Proper fuel for the body can also help speed up recovery. (photo via BigStock)

Being injured is one of the hardest parts of being an athlete. If you are unable to exercise due to broken bones, knee surgery, stress fracture, or concussion, you may wonder: What can I eat to heal quickly? How can I avoid getting fat while I’m unable to exercise? Should I be taking supplements? This […]

Expanding Your Sports Diet: Seeds and Grains

Nuts and seeds make for a good between-round snack.

Seeds and grains are health-enhancing choices to include in your sports diet, their nutritional value can sometimes get exaggerated. The following information offers a perspective on some “trendy” foods that are getting mainstreamed

Using Plyometrics for Youth Training


common games and activities such as hopscotch, jumping rope and jumping jacks can also be characterized as plyometrics

Preventing Heat-Induced Injuries

Water break

Teaching coaches the early warning signs of developing heat illness makes a huge step toward prevention.

Infrapatellar Strap Reduces Pain In Athletes with Jumper’s Knee

Study confirms the usefulness of an infrapatellar strap to combat knee pain.

SAN FRANCISCO – Constant jumping, acceleration and deceleration can be harmful to the patellar region over time. For athletes who jump and land repeatedly, such as basketball and volleyball players, overuse commonly results in patellar tendinopathy. The condition is more commonly referred to as jumper’s knee, an injury to the patellar tendon, the cord-like tissue […]

Pre-Season Work: Avoid Overdoing It

Make sure to ramp up your fitness training from an established baseline to avoid overuse injuries.  Photo: bigstockphoto.

Are you overdoing your “get in shape” fitness routine? It’s one thing to marvel at the Olympic paragons of Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, or Usain Bolt. It’s another to dive into a demanding physical regimen as if you’re an athlete when you haven’t been properly trained. But that may very well be happening as countless […]

Athlete’s Kitchen – Sports Nutrition News You Can Use May 2012

More than 450 members of SCAN, the nation’s largest professional group of Sports & Cardiovascular Nutritionists (, convened in Baltimore (April 2012) to celebrate SCAN’s 30th birthday and learn the latest sports nutrition news. Here are a few highlights to help you eat to win! Beets, as well as rhubarb and arugala, are rich sources […]

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