Men’s Epee Finals: St. Louis NAC

Watch the final bout of the Division I Men’s Epee tournament from the St. Louis NAC held October 12-15.


Here are the top-32 from the event:

Place Name
1 Rhea, R. Rob (Rob)
2 Rodney, Adam
3T Yergler, Jonathan
3T Watson, Adam
5 Ibrahim, Ayyub
6 Boyadzhiev, Kristian
7 Canevari, Marco
8 Dion, Justin
9 Tsinis, Alexander
10 Sherrill, Teddy
11 Kaull, James
12 Raynis, Michael
13 Smith, Dwight
14 McGrath, Matthew (Garrett)
15 Hadzic, Alen
16 Blais-Belanger, Marc-Antoine
17 Eldeib, Alexander (Ace)
18 Casertano, Lorenzo
19 Russell, Ben
20 Moss, Zachary
21 Jacovino, Jonathan
22 Tafoya, Daniel
23 Heidecker, Pascal
24 Piskovatskov, Anton
25 Zmyslowski, Maciek
26 Riviere, Benjamin
27 Yoo, Justin
28 Wan, Justin
29T Hoyle, Jacob
29T Benjamin, Julio
31 Maczik, Adam
32 Osborne, Jacob

Full results available at

Men's Epee Finals: St. Louis NAC by



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