Luxembourg Junior Mens Epee World Cup

Challenge Gretsch 2014 – Junior Men’s Epee World Cup

Fencers will compete here for the first FIE event of the season in Junior Mens Epee The Junior Men’s Epee World Cup Circuit kicks off at the Centre National Sportif et Culturel un Luxembourg on Saturday, Sept 20th. The event will also be the FIE debut of FencingTime as the tournament software – and FencingTime...

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Derek Cotton

Learn How to Become an International Referee

Join Derek Cotton and learn more about becoming and FIE level referee. The Path to Becoming an International Referee with Derek Cotton Wednesday, October 08, 2014 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Eastern Time) Webinar Link: Learn more about how to progress...

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fencingmob - the fencing flash mob

Fencing Flash Mobs this Sunday

The fencing flash mob is set for Sunday, Sept 7. This weekend the largest organized fencing flashmob will be staged as clubs worldwide are taking to their town squares or similar places on Sunday, September 7th to engage in a Fencing Flash Mob. The Italian Fencing Federation is launching #fencingmob, a worldwide flash...

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Training Tips

Epee Footwork

Epee Footwork Series – Controlling Distance

Video series with Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern on epee footwork. In this series, Seth...

Stab those Agility Cones – Fencing Drill (Video)

Check out this video from Facebook of a drill from a club in Russia: // Post...

2013 US Men's Foil Team. Photo:S.Timacheff/

The Fencing Coach’s Guide to Team Relay Fencing (Part 1)

2013 US Men’s Foil Team. Photo:S.Timacheff/ There are few...

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Michael Aufrichtig

Michael Aufrichtig TEDx Talk on Big Moments

Columbia University’s Head Fencing Coach (and newly elected USA Fencing board...

Here's the magazine cover.

Jedi Knight Elisa di Francisca

Backstage video of Italian women’s foilist Elisa Di Francisca’s photoshoot...

Race Imboden faces off against Yuki Ota (JPN) in the top-8

Video: Race Imboden vs. Yuki Ota

This video comes from the Seoul Men’s Foil World Cup via Lee Kyu Jin’s...

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Armory: Gear Guides

sabre blade plant stake

Uses for Old Fencing Blades – Tomato Stakes

Got a bunch of old fencing blades that you haven’t left at the club or thrown...

epee hard blade cover

How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover

Over the past few years the hard blade cover has become a staple for a large number...

Legal Epee

Epee Assembly – Do it Legally for Summer Nationals

At this year’s Summer Nationals a new level of scrutiny will be placed on epees...

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Ask the Expert: Rules

fencing referee hand signal for on guard or en garde

Making the call – Attacks in Foil

This video replay call comes from Reddit. Take a look at the video here and read...


New FIE Rule for Fencing Masks

The FIE As of September 1st, 2014 fencers at FIE competitions will need to adhere...

New Rules in Effect

USA Fencing has adopted the recent rule changes made by the FIE as of April 1. These...

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Health & Fitness

Jim Clark -

Super Sports Foods: Do They Really Need to be Exotic?

Blueberries are sometimes called a superfood Do you ever get tired of reading yet-another...

Getting kids active at a fencing demonstration.

Only 1 in 4 Teens are Active Enough

Getting kids active at a fencing demonstration. A new study published shows that...

The transversus abdominis

Core Strength – Popular Misconceptions

“The core” Nowadays, “strengthening the core” has become a very popular concept...

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