Rio Olympics Closing Ceremonies

The Closing Ceremonies: Life after Fencing in the Olympics

Sunday evening saw the 2016 Olympics draw to a close, with athletes from all over the world flooding into the Maracanã stadium for the final celebration in Rio. As expected, the event exuded a different energy than the Opening ceremonies, which can sometimes feel tense and formal in the host country’s effort...

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photo via FIE and Serge Timacheff

2016 Olympic Fencing Schedule

2016 Rio Olympics: Fencing Events ScheduleDayEventSessionsTimeDay 1. 6th of AugustWomen’s Epee IndividualDirect Elimination of T64 Semi finals, bronze medal match, final09:00 – 14:15 16:00 – 18:15Day 2. 7th of AugustMen’s Foil...

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Ibtihaj Muhammad duels Stephen Colbert

Ibtihaj Muhammad showed up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for an interview and a quick fencing match. I want Colbert’s fencing mask!

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Training Tips

You shouldn't spend all of your time at the fencing club to get ready for the fencing season.

Getting Ready for the Fencing Season: Training

You shouldn’t spend all of your time at the fencing club to get ready for the...

Epee Footwork

Epee Footwork Series – Controlling Distance

Video series with Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern on epee footwork. In this series, Seth...

Stab those Agility Cones – Fencing Drill (Video)

Check out this video from Facebook of a drill from a club in Russia://Post...

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fencing in Cinderella

Videos of the Month – November 2014

There seems to be a lot of content coming out related to fencing recently. First...

Diego Occhiuzzi (ITA), Aron Szilagyi (HUN), and Nikolay Kovalev (RUS) on the medal stand.

Epic Sabre Compilation – Aron Szilagyi Fencing Highlights

Sydney Sabre presents their tribute to Aron Szilagyi (HUN), world #3 at the end...

epee fencing

How to Fence Epee – Fabian Kauter’s Fencing Guide

Learn the basics of epee fencing from Fabian Kauter:Fabian Kauter of Switzerland...

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Armory: Gear Guides

Outside view of the Fencing Pro 16

Adidas 2016 Fencing Shoe

Each Olympics Adidas introduces a new fencing shoe. This consistent product delivery...

fencing mask guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Masks

How to choose the best fencing mask for you? Are all fencing masks made alike? Know...


How to Clean a Fencing Mask

Time to wash it Over time, and many bouts of use, you may notice that your fencing...

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Ask the Expert: Rules

IMF-PanAm Senior World Championship Cancun 2012 ©AmyA.Timacheff/FIE/

Fencing Ref: Being a Referee

The Fencing Ref Welcome to the new column The Fencing Ref where we will explore a...

fencing referee hand signal for on guard or en garde

Making the call – Attacks in Foil

This video replay call comes from Reddit. Take a look at the video here and read...


New FIE Rule for Fencing Masks

The FIE As of September 1st, 2014 fencers at FIE competitions will need to adhere...

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Health & Fitness

Jim Clark -

Super Sports Foods: Do They Really Need to be Exotic?

Blueberries are sometimes called a superfood Do you ever get tired of reading yet-another...

Getting kids active at a fencing demonstration.

Only 1 in 4 Teens are Active Enough

Getting kids active at a fencing demonstration. A new study published shows that...

The transversus abdominis

Core Strength – Popular Misconceptions

“The core” Nowadays, “strengthening the core” has become a very popular concept...

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